WeVideo is an app which allows you to record and edit videos.

The school has secured a site licence, ensure you login with your username@mbhs.sa.edu.au address

Some ways that WeVideo can be used are:

  • Giving oral instructions while highlighting and annotating a task or learning activity

  • Demonstrating how to work through a problem using either audio or screen capture

  • Recording short videos describing or explaining a concept or responding to a question

  • Collaborate with classmates to create an awesome big project that can be accessed anywhere


Using the Recording button you can record your screen, webcam, an external camera and audio.

Add audio from YouTube Studio

YouTube audio has free music to download and import into WeVideo as an audio backing.

  • Create groups to collaborate with colleagues

  • Create a group and give your students the code (through classroom) so you can have a space for your class to work in together

📓The Educator’s Guide to WeVideo