Online Resources

Department for Education has released the following website to utilise during this time Our Learning SA

The following websites provide various online resources and activities which can be used to support continuous learning and provide a diverse range of learning opportunities.

  • Scootle– a national collection of digital resources for Australian schools aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

  • Suggested ways to deliver learning remotely (from the NSW government).

  • ABC Education– curriculum-linked videos, games and class resources.

  • Australian Childrens Television Foundation– programs, books, films, apps and support materials.

  • Ted Ed– short videos in the TEDTalk style, with support material designed for teachers.

  • List of digital learning resources (from the NSW government)

  • PhET – science and maths interactives that allow students to work through a situation or problem, usually allow you to change variables to see the result.

  • BBC Bitesize – the UK version of ABC Splash, has resources and interactives from primary and secondary. Since you're outside the UK you won’t be able to use BBC iPlayer, CBBC or CBeebies.

  • ABC Education Games – interactive activities and games.

  • The National Geographic– many activities include a game, simulation or interactive to explain key concepts.

  • SA Science Teachers Association - online resources, activities and lesson plans to support teaching science

  • Mathigon - online mathematics activites, including Polypad which contains virtual mathematics manipulatives

  • RiAUS Education - STEM resources mapped to the Australian Curriculum, including scientific understanding, inquiry and human endeavour (SHE)

  • ANSTO - resources and activities on nuclear physics

  • Sceince By Doing - digital science curriculum, lessons and activities mapped to the Australian Curriculum

  • Youcubed at Home - number sense and mathematics activities and videos

  • NRich (Mathematical thinking) - mathematics resources

  • reSolve : resources to help students learn mathematics in an innovative and engaging way

  • Desmos - Advanded graphing calculator and function simulator

  • Experimentary - curriculum-based science experiments aligned to the Australian Curriculum (primary)