I Want To...

For all of the Applications mentioned below, login with your school Gmail address (............@mbhs.sa.edu.au)

Explain a concept to my teacher or peers

Create a slideshow to explain the concept

Use screencastify to create a video to talk about or annotate a piece of work

Create a short video or audio recording using WeVideo that explains the concept to your teacher or peers

Record yourself performing a practical on a camera and use WeVideo to construct the explanation

Ask for feedback from my teacher

Tag your teacher in a comment in Docs or Slides and ask them to review your work (+teacher@mbhs.sa.edu.au)

Talk in the chat window of Docs or Slides when your teacher is in the file live during a lesson

Create a screencast talking your teacher through your work using Screencastify or WeVideo

Work collaboratively with my peers

Using Docs or Slides, share the file with your peers so that you can work in one file together