Screencastify is a Chrome Extension which records short videos of the browser window, desktop or webcam

The school has secured a site licence (this allows videos to be greater than 5 minutes), ensure you login with your address

Some ways that Screencastify can be used are:

  • Giving oral instructions while highlighting and annotating a task or learning activity

  • Demonstrating how to work through a problem using either audio or screen capture

  • Recording short videos describing or explaining a concept or responding to a question

  • 50 Ways to Use Screencastify ebook

Setting up Screencastify

Install the extension by following the Link to the Chrome Webstore

  • Click Add to Chrome and then select Install

  • Click on the Screencastify icon in top right of the browser window

  • Sign in with your MBHS Google account and work through the 3 Setup Steps

Screencastify Overview